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Finding God in music

God is in All Creation

3rd Beat Studios and its founder Sam Llanes have established a creative way to explore scripture – by breaking a song up into verses and sentences, analyzing the words and uncovering the deeper meanings behind them. This method of exploration not only helps listeners gain insight into scripture, it also encourages them to become more engaged in their faith. 3rd Beat Studios makes the search for knowledge both enjoyable and fulfilling. With an innovative approach that has already attracted like-minded individuals, 3rd Beat Studios is poised to continue accelerating the growth of spiritual understanding.

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3rd Beat Studios is providing believers with an invaluable tool that offers deeper religious training in a convenient, meaningful way.

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3rd Beat Studios and its founder, Sam Llanes, have been an immense source of inspiration for me in my music-making journey. After I visited 3rd Beat and witnessed their creative process firsthand, I became convinced that God is truly present in everything we do.

This realization allowed me to incorporate it into my own music production style and see it as guidance in all aspects of my artistic pursuits.

3rd Beat Studios has definitely had a lasting impact on me and my musical career!
Robert H.
For me, 3rd Beat Studios allows for an exploration into understanding how God is present in all things, which guides my songwriting and performances toward profound reflection and joy. Ultimately, 3rd Beat encourages a space to listen more deeply to whatever gifts God may have in store for me musically.
Zack T.
3rd Beat Studios provides an incredibly unique opportunity for music-lovers everywhere to witness the divine power of music.

3rd Beat Studios allows us access to greater understanding of what it means to listen carefully for spiritual guidance throughout in our own lives and helps us harness it more easily through our own music.
Ralph B.


If you would like to become an ambassador for 3rd Beat Studios by spreading the power of scripture through music, reach out to Sam on social media. He is always eager for others to join him in sharing God's message!


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